Hair                 Brown, Long

Height             157cm / 5 ft 2 in

Eyes                Green                          Weight             52 kg /  110 lbs

Complexion     Fair                  

Dress Size       8

Shoe Size        6                       

DOB                06/29/2000 

Location          Sydney, Australia


Project Name                                     Role                                           Director                                              Production

Fetch Media TVC                              Teenage Girl                          James Evans                                     Entropico

The Pitch (Feat. Film)                        Supporting                             Daniel Green & Jesse Richardson    Freeway One Entertain.

Find You (Music Video- Tim Ayre)    Tin Solider                              Andrew McInnes                                NIDA, Rage, Triple J

Girl Number 3 (Film)                         Cast- Bianca & Writer            Kristine May                                       AIPA

Being Gavin (Feat. Film)                   Supporting                             Mark Kilmurry & Owen Elliot

Interrogation Room (Film)                 Cast- Rachelle                       Kristine May                                        AIPA

Inner Voice (Film)                              Cast- Melinda                        Kristine May                                        AIPA

meaDiem (Brand Film)                      Lead and Voice over             Inder Aney                                          Inder Aney Films

Top of the Lake- China Girl - TV        School Girl                             Jane Champion and Gerard Lee       See-Saw Productions

Top of the Lake- China Girl - TV        Beach Goer                           Jane Champion and Gerard Lee       See-Saw Productions



The Actors Pulse                      Acting, Theatre, Screen - AUS 2017 - current

Emily Stratten                           Acting, Filming Masterclass – AUS 2017- current
Lisa Beach (CSA)                    Audition Masterclass- LA- AIPA 2017

Carol Goldwasser (CSA)         Audition Masterclass- LA- AIPA 2017

John Rosenfeld Studios           Acting Workshop – 1 week intensive- LA- AIPA 2017

Rob Hahn                                 US Accent Coaching – LA – AIPA 2017

Jeff Hardwick                           Auditioning for commercials in LA – LA- AIPA 2017

Sam Stiglitz                              Self Taping – LA – AIPA 2017

Sharon Lieblein                        Business of the business workshop – LA – AIPA 2017

Mike McLendon                       Improv workshops – LA – AIPA 2017

NIDA                                        Young Actors Residency – Screen Acting – 2 week intensive- AUS 2017

Linda Gelman                          Improv workshop- Manhattan, NY Dec 2016

Canedy Knowles                     Scene Study – Manhattan, NY Dec 2016

Stella Adler Workshop             Acting workshop with Maddie Diggins – Manhattan, NY Dec 2016

NIDA                                        Young Actors Studio – Theatre /Film/ Tele. – 1 year – AUS 2016 Graduate

NIDA Open                              Acting on Screen- Grades 7-10, Tutor – Ben Barber – AUS 2015

NIDA Open                              Drama School- Grades 7-10 Tutor – Margie Breen, Sean Hall – AUS 2015

NIDA Open                              Screen Acting Boot Camp- Grades 7-10, Tutor–Shane Anthony - AUS 2015

AFTRS Open                            Real Filmmaking Workshop – 1 week intensive - AUS 2015


Construction/Entertainment Industry - White Card - 2017 Current

ACCENTS: US Standard, Australian ​

ABILITIES: Rock climbing, Sky Diving, Quad bike, Hair styling, Makeup, Skiing, Surfing, Tennis, Boxing, Kayaking, Car License, Running, Working with animals, Yoga, Brazilian JuJitsu, Dancing (Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop)